It’s no secret at this point just how bad a game Matthew Stafford had against the Jets on Monday night going throwing four interceptions in the 48-17 loss.

But at least he won’t have to add injury to all of the insults he had endured over the past few days as—after a scary moment with his knee Monday night—he is ready to go for Week 2 when the team faces the Niners.

“I was just locked out on my left leg and my knee just kind of, leg just kind of hyper-extended just a little bit, probably scared me more than anything. That’s a common way people (get) really hurt, so I was lucky to get out of there with not too much (damage). I’m doing OK. I’m feeling healthy and good to go.”

Considering Stafford completed just 58.7-percent of his passes and threw as many TD’s to the Jets as his did his own Lions. Still, considering sub Matt Cassel was worse in his few minutes of playing time, we're still better off with Matt.

Regardless, it’s time to move on. And the Lions get to face Jimmy Garoppolo—fresh off his first career loss—Sunday afternoon.

Something tells me everyone should know what Stafford is planning this week, just to be better.

Last season, Detroit’s QB1 threw only 10 interceptions. Just as he did the season before that one. In fact, his highest total over the past four years is 13 (2015). With four on his record already, the Lions need better decision-making out of him going forward. For now, it’s probably nothing to worry about. If he falls into a season-long slump, though, the Lions are in trouble. Sunday gives him his first chance to try and change that.

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