What's better than watching a movie? Watching a movie while drinking a nice Founders in your hand!

Here's the list of all of the movies and brews for 2017!

2/8th Reservoir Dogs - Red's Rye IPA

2/17th Jaws - Azacca IPA

2/22 - The Jerk - All Day IPA

3/1 - Beverly Hills Cop - Centennial IPA

3/8 - Pan's Labyrinth - Porter

3/15 Gangs of New York - Dirty Bastard

3/22 The Grand Budapest Hotel - Imperial Stout

3/29 - Bridesmaids - Rubaeus

4/5 - Little Miss Sunshine - Curmudgeon

4/12 - Goldfinger - KBS


I don't know about you but there are at least 3 movies I want to go to .... just to see on the big screen again!!

I mean come on! James Bond, The Jerk, and Beverly Hills Cop? I'm so there! Also I'm a sucker for Dirty Bastard ... sooooo looks like I'm finally sitting down and watching Gangs of New York.

At this point I should probably just buy the season pass and see them all. It's only $25 ... that's SUPER worth it!

Want more details? Hit up this link.

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