Okay, so once you get past the excitement and the "OMG!" factor, and process that this isn't Michael Jackson coming at you from beyond the grave, you can fully absorb and enjoy 'Xscape.' It's the title track from the upcoming posthumous, contemporized release from the late King of Pop.

The album 'XSCAPE' is out May 13 via Epic Records and has received the full support of Jackson's estate.

The album will boast eight unreleased recordings that were fleshed out by the likes of Timbaland and other powerhouse producers. The label pledged to keep the integrity of Jackson's legacy and his work in tact with this release.

These are Jackson sourced recordings and the original sources will appear on the deluxe edition of the album.

The song 'Xscape' was gleaned from the 2001 sessions for the 'Invincible' album. It's super funkdafied and certainly sounds current, but it still retains that vintage, signature Michael Jackson sound, thanks to his inimitable voice and the healthy helping of his hallmark vocalization -- his "whoas."

It's got a beat that won't quit, either. You can totally get your groove on or moonwalk all over the living room floor when you blare this song from the speakers. Doubters and skeptics will find themselves totally won over by 'Xscape,' since it sounds like Jackson and it doesn't feel falsely strung together and doesn't sound like something forced out of the leftover material from his vaults.

The song was co-written by Rodney Jerkins, who has the distinction of being the sole producer on the 'Xscape' release that was actually present for an original recording with Jackson.

We're loving it. It makes us miss the late, great Jackson that much more. His legacy lives on with 'Xscape,' both the song and the album.

Listen to Michael Jackson's 'Xscape'