On March 8, 1994, hundreds of people in West Michigan from Ludington to Holland observed odd lights flying over Lake Michigan. It was never clearly explained.

Many of the people who saw the lights felt weirded out enough to call 911 to report the phenomenon, and those calls were compiled and posted online.

The people reporting the UFO included law enforcement officials from Ottawa County, and a National Weather Service employee who told police he was alarmed at the radar he was watching:

“Yeah, there’s something big down there ... that’s really strange. It’s moving toward the west-southwest, looks like a big blob. It was up about 6,000-feet or so ... it disappears ... it’s moving.”

“I’m getting it now at about 12,000 feet, it’s a pretty strong return. Oh my God what is this? Now I’m getting three of them and uh, they’re about separated by about 5,000 feet in height.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this, not even when I’m doing storms, these aren't storms"

According to this MLive story on the mass sighting, the mass sighting was explained as 'military aircraft', but the Air Force said none of their aircraft was flying that night.

You can hear the alarm in many people's voices in this compilation of 911 calls from that night.

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