The Intersection Live and Sunday Night Funnies return this weekend, two venues who have been off line since March 2020, with more on the way.

The Intersection hosted its first show since the pandemic since Thursday when Tripdelic took to the stage in the Elevation room at the 'Section.

They also have country artist Chase Rice performing at their outdoor venue on Friday, July 9 and they have Blunts and Blondes along with Antiserum and Bawldy playing in the showroom on Saturday.

Intersection manager Scott Hammontree celebrated the return last night by posting to his Facebook page:

That feeling watching the first customers walk through the doors gave me chill bumps and a few misty eye moments.
Big props to the staff especially Jimmy Rains and David James Lebin for getting the place ready.
Over my 18 years here many know I might indulge in a pre-doors beer to settle the nerves (I don’t “work” the shows - just to be clear) and tonight it tasted even better!

Meanwhile, the Sunday Night Funnies free comedy show will host its first show since Laughfest in March 2020 this weekend as well.
Brian Borbot, the curator of the weekly show which features local and state comedians, says the show is returning with a bang, launching into their annual 'Kingpin of Comedy' competition this Sunday at their new location, The Guest House, which is next door to the Blue Dog on Stocking and 4th on the west side.
Full disclosure, I will be one of the competing comics Sunday night along with Carl Sobel and Ricarlo Winston on what is a pretty good bill of eight comedians, if I do say so myself.
The show is free, and will start at 8:30pm.

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