Local chefs in Grand Rapids recently received training on how to cook for large numbers of people and first responders during a large disaster.

Michigan has had its share of disasters, from the floods caused in Midland from the breached dam to the deadly tornado of 1953 in Flint killing 116, to the Great Lakes storm of 1913 that killed 250.

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When storms hit, the power is usually out, flooding can result in people being displaced from their homes, first responders are out in full force. How do you feed all these people in need?

According to FOX 17, local chefs attending Grand Rapids Community College learn to make a large pot of paella. Paella is a mixture of rice and vegetable and can go a long way when trying to feed a community.

The chefs were a part of a training course provided by the World Central Kitchen. The WCK is an organization that shows up for disasters nationally and internationally to help feed people who are displaced and first responders.

The point of this training is to have chefs ready in Grand Rapids in case a major disaster occurs and mass amounts of people need to be fed. Not to mention all the first responders who may have to work around the clock trying to save or evacuate people.

Part of the training included chefs learning to may over 500 sandwiches in 50 minutes. That is how you can feed an army of first responders quickly. In a real-life emergency, chefs may have to make as many as 25,000 sandwiches.

The good news is, our local chefs have been some of the fastest and organized during these WCK training classes. It's good to know we have people ready in case of an emergency here in West Michigan.

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