How do others think of you and your community? If you have a thin skin about it, you should probably go away now.

A simple question on the Grand Rapids subreddit opened up the floodgates of what communities in the city and its nearby suburbs think of each other. 

The question was: 

Let('s) pretend we are having a party and each suburb in Grand Rapids is a “person”. What is each person doing at the party? 

The post drew hundreds of responses almost instantly as folks weighed in to either admit their 'burbs stereotypes, or diss other parts of town. 

Let's go for a deep dive. Here are some of the hot takes: 

"Comstock park can’t make it, it’s “gun cleanin night.” -- njohnivan 

"Grandville is unhappy with any food that isn’t pre-packaged or from a container and any music that isn’t top 40." -- MattSteen02 

"Jenison keeps telling you you need Jesus" -- cucumbers for feet 

"EGR (East Grand Rapids) shows up slightly overdressed, obviously uncomfortable about the quality of the house/neighborhood, and doesn't know what to talk about as they are very surprised to find out that most people at this party don't have a boat." -- djblaze 

"Wyoming is the poor kid that thinks everyone at the party who showed up in a car is rich." -- StoneTown 

"Standale shows up in jorts with all 3 kids and 1 extra bag of chic-fil-a 'for the group'." -- sweetestbae 

"Lowell is chatting with Kenowa hills about the truck upgrades they are saving up for." -- Ashbae6 

"Allendale showed up with a 30 rack of Rolling Rock and swears they know someone at the party." -- TheDirtyPilot 

"Kentwood brought the good weed…and doesn’t mind telling everyone they did so." -- juicyb09 

"Westside is stealing the medication out of your bathroom." -- TableCouchTV 

"Caledonia showed up in their black Ford F-150 with a rack of natty light and a fifth of fireball, their own bag chairs to sit on and a dead deer still in the bed of the truck." -- kirbsann 

"Cascade is only there to be seen, and is keeping an eye out for her recent ex-husband. (Forest Hills)" -- slktrx 

"Rockford is trying to get a football game going." -- Wafflez1234 

"Or are they gathered around the football game on the TV and ignoring everyone else?" --TechnicolorPanda 

"Ada is desperately running around picking up solo cups and screaming, 'Don't touch that!'" -- dcwsaranac 

"Creston is wearing crocs with a really nice Patagonia fleece and compares the pasta salad to Kingmas." --godspeedm (as a Creston resident, that's a pretty good take, I have Crocs and Kingma's is the BEST -- Jojo) 

"I just wanna know who brought the meth(?)" -- unaka220. This brought several responses from "Barry County wasn't invited" and "Cedar Springs". 

"Ionia is outside hoping someone will invite them in." -- Foot_Dragger (NOTE: I already have bad blood with Ionia for an earlier post, I did NOT write this. We made peace, remember?) 

"Byron Center shows up and starts correcting everyone's grammar at the party." -- mycologyqueen. 

You can enjoy more local stereotypes by reading the whole thread here. 


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