One local vaping company is not taking Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmers ban on flavored e-cigarette liquids lightly but firing back with a lawsuit.

According to WOOD, Mister E-Liquid LLC claims Whtimers ruling has over stepped the states boundaries on the recent ban and filed a lawsuit in Federal Court. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon has been named as the defendant in the suit.

Whitmers order was sent out to vaping establishments September 18 giving companies just 14 days to comply. In the order it states there could be jail time for violators.

Mister E-Liquid LLC has locations in Grand Rapids, Belmont, Kentwood, Niles, Okemos and two in Illinois. The company also employs 75 people and since the ban includes blocking online sales, which is 70% of its business, would cause them to go out of business or force them to move out of state.

Mister E-Liquid's say in their lawsuit that the illnesses that have been reported have to do with people who mixed marijuana oils in their flavored vaping liquid. Federal health officials have yet to make a statement on the precise cause of the vaping deaths.

Other vaping companies are expected to follow up with their own lawsuits.

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