What do you think of the flap over the city of Wyoming's logo? A group called "Freedom From Religion Foundation" based out of Madison, Wisconsin, has called for the West Michigan city to remove the picture of a church steeple with a cross off it's city logo, citing separation of church and state. For me, I don't think it's that big of a deal, but I can see why people would think it is.

According to a story on mlive.com, Wyoming City Manager Curtis Holt had this to say.

"We’ve got bigger fish to fry than this. It’s not a front-burner issue for me. We’ve not had one citizen complaint about our logo."

Good point. If this was a really big deal, wouldn't SOMEONE who lives here have a problem with it? According to the same mlive.com story, "the FFRF claims a 'concerned citizen who has necessary business in Wyoming alerted them of the logo.' The group says they have more than 18,500 members around the country and nearly 500 in Michigan, but declined to name the person who made the complaint. AND they also claim fighting their request would not be wise, since legal precedent is on their side in "Church and State" issues."

Speaking of logos, the city of Grand Rapids logo has always made me feel like throwing up. I assume the red part is the Calder, and the blue is the Grand River, but I still feel like someone vomited on a piece of paper and that's what they decided to go with. Maybe it's just me.