It took you all morning to shovel your drive way clean, and now here comes a snow plow to bury it. What's a poor man to do?

Nothing, according to the Lowell Police Department you just have to suck it up. 

In a humorous Facebook post this week, the Lowell Police Department warned residents of the folly of challenging a snow plow.

The words ring true, even if it does get more than a little shall we say 'descriptive':

People people people!!!! Please do not walk out in front of a city snow plow with your shovel challenging our drivers not to plow in your driveway. 26,000 lbs of metal and salt does not stop on a dime. If the truck doesn’t crush you and kill you instantly, the blade will dismember your body and you’ll bleed out before any help arrives. Sorry for the graphic detail, but this is serious stuff here. I don’t like shoveling out the end of my driveway either, after I already had it done, but it’s the nature of living in Michigan.

According to one commenter on the post: "You can't fix stupid... But you can run it over"

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