When it comes to bowling, I'm pretty average. Last year during the WFGR Rock 'n Roll Bowl League at Park Center Lanes, my average was about...average. I finished with a 153, not too bad for a dork like me. Pro bowlers and guys who take it seriously are a different story.

Take Josh Scanlan. He and his team were qualifying at the USBC Team USA Bowling Trials in Henderson, Nev. last November, when he made the luckiest shot of a lifetime. Watch this, and remember, the current WFGR Rock 'n Roll bowl league starts September 7th at Park Center Lanes! Call 532-2313 or just stop in to the bowling center to get registered. Teams of 3 compete for fun and prizes, we play great Classic Hits and have a lot of fun!

Skip ahead to :49 seconds to see the shot!