Luis Suarez is one of the very best soccer players in the world. He also likes to bite his opponents. During games. That have multiple television cameras filming them. Luis Suarez is not very smart.

In a baffling series of events during Uruguay's 1-0 World Cup victory over Italy, Suarez decided to grab hold of Italy's Giorgio Chiellini by the shoulder and chomp down with his teeth. He then pretended, of course, that he was the real victim, falling to the ground and writhing, while grabbing his face. Presumably he intended to convince viewers that Chiellini's shoulder was the real aggressor.

Here's Chiellini pulling down his shirt to reveal the bite marks on his shoulder:

Chiellini bite marks
Julian Finney/Getty Images

And as if biting your opponent during a game that millions and millions of people are watching weren't enough, this isn't the first time Suarez has gnawed on another player. It isn't even the second time.

On April 21, 2013, Suarez chewed on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic's arm—again, during a televised game—an offense for which he was suspended 10 games. Prior to that, in November 2010, he bit a player in the Dutch league, Otman Bakkal.

The weird part of it all (other than the whole biting-another-person part) is that Suarez is also one of the top players in the world. Just this past season, he led the English Premiere League in goals with 31, winning Player of the Year honors—the first time a non-European player has ever done so. Why in the world he keeps biting people is pretty much impossible to explain.

Here's a nifty little Vine compiling Suarez's cannibalistic moments on the pitch:

Uruguay advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup with the victory, while Italy was eliminated. We'll find out soon whether FIFA will punish Suarez for his transgressions, which were not spotted on the field by any of the officials. If FIFA does decide to act, Suarez will likely be suspended for at least the rest of the World Cup.