In case you didn’t know, Lululemon is a company that makes very popular -– and very expensive –- yoga pants for women.

And over the past few years, the company has grown in a big way.

Well, it looks like the company will continue to grow even more, especially since introducing pants for men – with extra room in the crotch. But it's an idea Chuck Norris already explored.

The pants -- which cost $128 -- have been such a hit with guys that the company has enjoyed a 16 percent increase in sales.

The anti-ball-crushing idea is great but $128!!! Are you kidding me?

Extra room in the crotch is great, but let's be clear, these aren't Chuck Norris Action Jeans, which not only had ABC, but allowed you to do intense karate kicks as well.

Or their close competitor Kickin' Jeans, which were a much more affordable 19.95. Notice how the jeans have a “gusset crotch” sewn in them. You know, so your bits can be carried light and tight.

So, the next time you want to bring it, Lululemon, bring it hard, because Chuck Norris does not play that -- and his pants will beat up your pants every time.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images