Some might look at it as a lowly position on the Mighty Mac.

There are history makers, chroniclers, curators and custodians. Some use the pen and the sword, the mouse and the keyboard, others use a mop and a bucket. The Michigan Department of Transportation has a job posting looking for a janitor at the Mackinac Bridge.

Guessing you probably don't get to climb the towers and won't likely spend much time on the span but the job duties are "to perform a variety of janitorial and custodial tasks to maintain clean and safe building and grounds conditions of the Mackinac Bridge."

A dream job for students of all things Michigan, qualified candidates are expected to have a year of experience in the care and cleaning of buildings and the hourly position pays $16.13 - $19.94.

Think of it: you could live in beautiful St. Ignace and divide your time between Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas. You may get a snow day when they close the bridge and what other job might give you a day off for high winds? Plus, think of all the fudge... If you are interested in cleaning up Michigan history, apply here with MDoT.

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