I want this to become a thing and then I want a little LEGO version of myself to put in the hotel!

Click on Detroit reports that the historic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island has been turned into a LEGO model that could become a kit we can buy-- if it gets enough votes!

The model was created by Michigander, engineer, and LEGO fan, David Lorch.

Lorch created the original 9-foot version for the hotel's 130th birthday in 2017.

On the Lego website and in the above video, Lorch explains that the view he saw of the Grand Hotel when traveling across the Mackinac Bridge inspired him to create the model.

Having lived in Michigan most of my life, the story and beauty of Grand Hotel really stuck with me as I learned more about its stately structure and history. Grand Hotel is a family owned National Historic Landmark, a point of pride for the great state of Michigan and has been for 131 years.

Situated on the travel destination of Mackinac Island of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Grand Hotel is surrounded by lush landscapes and horse-drawn carriages (no cars allowed on the island). Grand Hotel’s age is not its only impressive feat: the front porch at 660 feet long is the world’s longest and its original wood framed structure was built in only 90 days!

The hotel porch is also well known for its many white rocking chairs where you can sit back and relax looking out over the Straits of Mackinac and its pots of thousands of blooming red geraniums, the hotel’s signature flower. All of this produces an environment of vibrant colors which was exciting to represent with LEGO pieces.

I especially enjoyed using flat azure-colored pieces attached upside down on the porch ceiling of the model to match the sky blue that can be seen painted on the hotel.

I hope you will get to build this set and experience the timelessness of Grand Hotel, America’s Summer Place."

The Grand Hotel LEGO design will need to get 10,000 votes in order to made into a kit.

To vote, you'll have to make a LEGO profile here and then cast your vote for the Grand Hotel.

MLive explains there are certain voting goals that will have to be reached:

The first stage, which requires the product idea to secure 100 supporters in the first 100 days, is complete and the model now has approximately two and a half years to achieve milestone votes of 1,000, then 5,000, and eventually 10,000 supporters to become a kit."

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