For the past few years, EA Sports video game Madden 15 has played a pre-Super Bowl game to try and predict the winner. This year, they got it EXACTLY right!

"Not only did Madden NFL 15 accurately predict that the New England Patriots would mount a last minute comeback to defeat the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 28-24, it even foresaw Tom Brady’s fourth-quarter game-winning pass to Julian Edelman.

And that was just the tip of the prognostication iceberg.

Madden predicted New England would score first in the game. It predicted Tom Brady would take home the MVP trophy. It was 27 yards off Brady’s total passing yardage (355 vs. 328) and got his total touchdowns (4). It was only 3 yards and 1 catch away from perfectly calling Julian Edelman’s entire game.

Seriously, this happened. To the footage!"

"About the only thing it didn’t foresee was Seattle’s bone-headed decision to pass to Ricardo Lockette instead of feeding the Beast and letting Marshawn Lynch try rumbling over the goal line. That and the dancing sharks."

Oh. I just saw the game was played on XBox. Well that explains a lot!

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