Truth Or Dare — Madonna's infamous 1991 film, which followed the pop icon on and off the stage as she embarked on her Blonde Ambition Tour in 1990  is one of the singer's many influential contributions to pop culture, becoming the highest-grossing documentary of all time. Genuinely forward-thinking, the film acted as a precursor to modern music documentaries and the voyeuristic genre of reality TV. (Pop princess Katy Perry credited the film as a big inspiration behind her 2012 3D concert film, Part Of Me.)

But one person who doesn't care much for the film? Um...Madonna herself.

During the Rebel Heart singer's interview with Andy Cohen for Entertainment Weekly, the Instagram-loving "Living For Love" legend revealed that she's not yet watched the full video, worried of her "brat" behavior in the film.

“I’ve seen bits and pieces from it. I sort of gag when I watch it, 'cause I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t.’ It’s hard to watch myself do anything. I can’t even stand to watch myself in concert, like my last tour," she explained.

Andy made a valiant effort to coerce the Queen of Pop to come around to seeing her own film, although she protested: "I’m afraid to watch it. I just think I’m a horrible brat, that’s what I’m afraid of," she said, although she did ultimately concede to the idea of watching it alongside Cohen in the near future.

Then again, who really wants to see footage of themselves from over 20 years ago? We certainly don't blame you for skipping out on seeing the footage, Madge.

But even if she may never watch Truth Or Dare in its entirety, you definitely should — if you haven't already, that is.

Madonna: Then & Now

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