What a minute Mr. Postman...that's my mail you stole.

According to WOOD, a United States Postal Service employee has sunk to a new low, by stealing the mail that was supposed to be delivered and protected by the U.S. Postal Service in Muskegon County.

U.S. Postal worker Andrew M. Chopp, Jr. has been charged with stealing mail and is now facing federal charges according to a federal indictment.

The indictment that was unsealed Wednesday, states that for some unknown reason between the March 11 and May 1, Chopp swipped cash, packages, bags, letters and other valuable contents.

Things are not looking good for Chopp, because if he gets convicted, this could be a 5 year stint in the big house plus 3 years probation when released. Then the court could slap him with restitution fines that could be as high at a quarter of a million dollars.


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