For those who were born in the 80's and grew up in Michigan, you'll vividly remember Major Magic's. Before Chuck E. Cheese's, this magical place was thee venue to host birthday parties and other fun gatherings. There were multiple in Michigan and in neighboring states as well, but they faded into obscurity after the final one closed down in Ohio. Now, their time has come. They made the announcement yesterday that they would be teaming with Sparks Pinball Museum, as they announced just how big this news is:

We’re excited for a “Major” announcement today- Sparks Pinball Museum has teamed up with the folks starting the reincarnation of Major Magic’s! Sparks will be providing classic pinball and video arcade games, many of which were once at some of the original Major Magic’s locations.
At a time when Chuck E Cheese has announced its plan to remove all animatronic characters from their locations, this new location will also feature the original restored animatronic band from 1982. This vintage band was saved from the last Major Magic’s location in Ohio before it was destroyed.
Sergeant Pepperoni, Flash, Barbara Stringband, Rock the Croc and the Major himself will be performing for a new generation! We will post updates when we have a opening date!

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