Some places serve you Mexican food, and others serve the real deal.

There are quite a few good, authentic Mexican restaurants in town. And some not so much.

Here's a great story from Cosmopolitan (of all places) about how to tell if your Mexican food is the real thing. "13 Signs You're Not Eating Real Mexican Food"

Some highlights:

5. There's a salad on your taco.
Authentic tacos come with a little onion, cilantro, and lime — not wilted lettuce and tomato.

8. Your plate is sizzling.
Fajitas are your fave Mexican dish? Funny, fajitas started in America, which is probably why they're one of Chili's best-selling items.

Real Mexican food is made with lard. You could try vegetable oil if you're feeling healthy."

Mmmmmmmmmm larrdddd.....aaarrrgghhhhh. (Insert Homer Simpson voice here)

Nikolay Trubnikov/ThinkStock
Nikolay Trubnikov/ThinkStock

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