Because Baby Yoda should be part of EVERY holiday. Or, just

Star Wars fan Cressie Teague Lewis shared her amazing recipe for fans of The Mandalorian a couple of weeks ago and the world is just now starting to notice.

If you're not up to speed on Baby Yoda, here's the deal (spoiler alert, scroll down to read):


Baby Yoda isn't "technically" the baby-version of Yoda. In Disney's The Mandalorian on Disney+, he's the same type of creature as Yoda, but he's a baby. He's referred to as "the child," but the rest of us just started calling him Baby Yoda.

He's the cutest thing we've ever seen...

 yoda baby yoda mandalorian babyyoda GIF

...and the world can't get enough of him...

Star Wars Baby Yoda GIF by

...but none of the official merchandise comes out until 2020...

Star Wars Baby Yoda GIF by you'll just have to make these cute deviled eggs instead.

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