When a man tells border patrol he was hauling towels, an x-ray of the trucks cargo says Opium.

According to FOX 17, a man tried to cross the border from Canada into Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, was found to be smuggling over 250 pounds of unrefined opium.

December 7, a man by the name of Abdoinasser Mahmoudikanesbi was questioned by border agents along with Homeland Security while trying to cross through the Sault Ste. Marie port.

Mahmoudikanesbi rented a truck and told agents he was hauling towels but an x-ray of the cargo said there was some solid dark matter that did not appear to be consistent with materials found in towels. Agents then search his truck.

Agents found 268 pounds of opium paste that were in brick form.

Mahmoudikanesbi was apparently no stranger to the opium paste because when one of the border agents showed him a photo of what was in the back of his truck, he easily identified it as opium.

Agents then ran a test that confirmed the material to be opium paste. Mahmouikanesbi has been arrested.

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