Heck with the  funnel cakes and corn dogs, deep-fat fried Kool-Aid is here!!

Seems San Diego County fair goers can't seem to get enough of the newest, oily treat that debuted at some placed called "Chicken Charlie's" food stand.

"Chicken Charlie" - is the man behind the creations. The 42-year-old guy  has spent two decades testing the limits of what can be cooked in grease and still taste good. Each year, he adds new, unusual items to his popular food stand.  It's like a non-stop Carnival

He uses flour, water and Kool-Aid powder to make a batter that scoops into little balls that he then plops into hot oil. Hmmm, really? Okay.

He said he has fried up about 500 pounds of Kool-Aid powder so far.  What flavors can I get?

As a side note, My Chicken Charlie weighs over 300LBS! Somehow I'm not surprised!