A local man tripping on LSD shoots up apartment, kills cat, gets wounded by the po po then sentenced to probation.

According to WZZM, Kent County Circuit Court Judge Paul Sullivan told 26-year-old Wyoming man, Casey M. Quinlan that, "If you're going to use that substance, you're giving away your ability to make rational decisions." Then the judge gave Quinlan three years probation.

Quinlan had taken the hallucinogenic drug, LSD, in his Ramblewood Apartment then shot his cat with a rifle. Then for some reason shoots a globe with a pistol.

Police were called and when they entered the apartment police shot Quinlan with a non life threatening wound to stop him from taking any more shots.

Quinlan's attorney, Jason L. Jansma said, "My client feels really bad about what happened. The cat that ended up dying was a dear pet of his."

Judge Sullivan had already sentenced Quinlan to a year in the Kent County Jail but gave him credit for time served for the 420 days he already spent in the poke.

Quinlan did get charged with shooting a firearm in a building which is a 10 year felony and killing/torturing an animal which is a four year offense.

Some of the shots Quinlan took went through the walls of the apartment into other apartments but no one else was injured.

The judge said, "This could have been a clearly tragic case."

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