A man in Marquette Michigan takes on Lake Superior with a surf board during the polar vortex.

According to FOX 17, surfer Dan is well known in northern Michigan and now gaining some online fame with some recent pictures of him surfing Superior during the vortex.

A photographer by the name of Devon Hains went to the U.P. to capture the event. Hains said, "The conditions from the Sunday shoot were just perfect. We had beautiful sunlight, which can be a rare thing for the U.P. in the winter months."

Surfer Dan did wear a special wet suit made for frigid temperatures. Even the camera man Hains had to wear layers of clothes just to take the photos and watch how he was breathing to not fog up the camera.

Some crazy photos were taken and you can view them here.

In one of the photos you can see that there is ice on Surfer Dan's beard, that ice weights nearly 30lbs and he had to take a hot shower to thaw out that beard and probably a few other parts.



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