Talk about a case of the Mondays...garbage truck driver hears screams from the back of his garbage truck.

According to WOOD, a man had to be rescued from a garbage truck early Monday morning in Kalamazoo when a garbage truck drive call 911 to get a crew out to save the man.

Since the driver of the garbage truck had not compressed the garbage, the man was not crushed.

A rescue team had to use ladders to get into the garbage truck, then use ropes to lift the man out. This was not an easy task since it took 1 hour and 30 minutes to rescue the man.

Apparently the man was sleeping in a dumpster when the truck loaded it up and dumped the man along with the trash into the back of his truck.

The man was hospitalized with minor injuries.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety put together a special Technical Rescue team a year ago and finally put them into action with the man in the garbage truck. The team was put together for unique rescues like when people get stuck in weird places like trenches, tight spots or collapses.

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