Bad weather caused the canceling of aerial spraying to combat the spread of Eastern equine encephalitis with some counties opting out all together.

According to FOX 17, spraying was supposed to happen in 14 counties on Sunday night but bad weather kept planes from spraying to kill mosquitoes carrying EEE.

So far a new date for spraying has yet to be announced but authorities so it is likely that spraying will likely happen this week.

MDHHS public information officer Lynn Sutfin said, "We have decided that this constitutes a public emergency. This is a very deadly disease."

So far EEE has killed 3 Michigan residents with 9 people have been found to be infected with the virus.

The state says there are no health risks expected from the spraying but some people have major concerns are opting out of the program. So many people opted out in Kalamazoo and Portage they will no longer be sprayed.

Many residents are struggling with not enough information on EEE and the spraying that it is hard to make a decision on opting out of the spraying.

With the lack of information out there many people may just opt out which would limit the state being able to spray effectively for the mosquitoes carrying the EEE virus.

Here is where you can opt out of the spraying:

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