Happy "Divorce Month"! Let's... celebrate? According to the legal website FindLaw, for the past few years, searches for "divorce" and related terms like "family law" and "child custody" spiked in January and continued to rise through March, with actual divorce filings peaking during this month. Why all the breaking up this time of year?

FindLaw shares a few reasons:

Turns out alot of people cheat during the holidays. Not wanting the break up over Christmas dinner, some spouses might wait till after the New Year to end things.

Couples with children might want to give the family one last holiday together, so wait until later in the year to start divorce proceedings.

Or it could have something to with taxes. Marital status as of December 31 determines whether a person files a jointly or individually for the previous year, so some come couples might save money by filing together.

Why do you think March has become "Divorce Month"?