The old adage goes 'March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb', but this year March is coming way too cold for the king of the jungle, so he left.

Frigid, possibly record breaking cold temperatures will settle in late Sunday into Monday as the month of March comes in way colder than the darn groundhog led us to believe.

The National Weather Service says Monday's high will be 13 degrees, which is about 25 degrees below normal. The low Tuesday morning will be 7. The last time March started on a cold note like this was 1962 when the high only reached 10 and the low was below zero, while in 1943, the temperature was 9 below.

The cold snap should break next weekend, but it will be a while before we hit the average March temp of 43.

It could be worse, I suppose. A storm in 2002 brought a record 14 inches of snow.

Last year we endured a chilly March that lasted well into April. Let's hope this year is different. Please. For the love of God.


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