I never do the free trials on anything, because I’ve been burned too many times after the trial ends, and then you get charged that stupid charge, usually, a full year membership or whatever which turns out to be a large amount;  but Mastercard is helping make that a thing of the past.

According to WOODTV, Mastercard decided after the Better Business Bureau received over 3,500 complaints from Mastercard customers who signed up for free trials, and then once the free period was over, were charged usually upwards of $100 and unable to cancel the transaction.

Now merchants have to let you know you’re getting charged with clear instructions on how to cancel.  WOODTV says you will be notified by either text or email.  They also now have to post the url that’s attached to the charge too, making it easier to know who and why they’re charging you.

Best of all, they will now give you very clear instructions on how to cancel.

This seems like stuff that should have been happening all along with all credit cards, but it’s not.  So far, only Mastercard will offer these protections with the hope of others joining in.

As Troy Baker with the West Michigan BBB told WOODTV,

“When you think of a free trial, you think ‘free.’ And when somebody starts charging you hundreds of dollars at times for something that’s supposed to be free, that’s an issue.”

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