I am a guy. No way around it. I like sports. I'm a big fan of steak and potatoes. I don't really own any pink shirts. And there's one other thing I like...

And that's boobs. And it seems Matt Hendricks and our sister radio station 97.9 WGRD want to indulge me in that, which I like. Matt posted 2 things today having to do with breasts. Matt's "There's a breast app for that!" post and his happy birthday wish to Kim Fields "Happy Birthday Kim Fields" What does 80's TV star Kim Fields, who was "Tootie" on Facts of Life have to do with breasts? Did you ever see her? She was...umm..."well endowed" to say the least.

And WGRD. They are have a contest..."Cans for Cancun". You really don't have to be too bright to figure THAT one out...And next to wfgr.com, wgrd.com has been a daily destination for me lately. Except the contest ends tomorrow. Bummer. Might have to see if I can't get some of the losers names...Oh Dave Kim???

Im going to go out on a limb, but people who don't use their turn signals, and who go 35 in the 70 lane on 131...and then decide at the last minute to to go across 3 lanes of traffic and get off....well those people really irk me!

My god...what happened to spring? Two weeks ago it was 35 and now it's 85 and thunderstorms! Lost power last night for about 4 hours...Luckily i have a half assed smart phone, so I could keep up on my stock quotes...HA!