At least he lasted two more years than past superstars Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson did before wanting out. 

It's a trend that Detroit Lions fans have come to accept. Eventually, all star players for the team want out. They're sick of losing, sick of being in a constant rebuilding year, and sick of not winning a title of some kind.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford is no exception. The man holds every team passing record there is, and yet has nothing to show for it but one playoff loss.

So, with the team hedging on whether to bring him back, Stafford made it an easy decision, he asked to be traded. Stafford has been the team's starting quarterback for 12 seasons.

I don't blame him for asking for a change of venue. Detroit is a pretty gloomy place in the winter, and there are several teams out there who feel they are just a quarterback away from being a contender.

At least he wants to keep playing. Sanders and Johnson were so put out by Detroit management they quit rather than keep putting on the Honolulu Blue and Silver.

Godspeed, Matthew. I seriously will be cheering for you no matter where you wind up.

Possible suitors for Matthew's talents include New Orleans, Indianapolis and Denver. I just hope we get better than a third round pick for him, but we probably won't.

Here's one of my favorite Stafford moments, when he scrambled forever before getting hurt, but stayed in the game and tossed a game winning touchdown pass anyway.


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