If you’re a moon fan, or the full moon affects your attitude, you should know that this weekend is a Super Snow Moon.

What does that mean?  According to WTSP.com, it’s really just a full moon that’s also a Super moon, which means that is closest to the earth in its rotation.  The “snow” moon refers to the time of year, early February when traditionally the snowfall is at its prime.  The different names for the moons come from Native Americans or Colonial Americans, hundreds of years ago, WTSP and the Farmer’s Almanac report.

As for Full SUPER Moons, 2020 will have four super moons: February, March, April, and May. The hippy side of me also believes that means that wishes or manifestations are more apt to come true, but that’s not proven anywhere.

You should be able to see the Super Snow Moon Saturday and Sunday night if the weather allows.

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