After a trying week at the office, with very few hours of sleep, how many of us love to just turn off that alarm clock and spend Saturday and Sunday sleeping until our bodies are ready to get up?

Well, while all those extra weekend hours of sleep may feel good at the time, new research shows it could be very, very bad for your health.

A study out of Cambridge University reveals that people, and women in particular, who go from a few hours of sleep a night to more than eight hours could be increasing their risk of a stroke.

In fact, the risk increases almost four times.

The researchers don’t know why this is the case, but they suggest this is a good argument for people keeping a regular sleep pattern as much as possible.

And apparently too much sleep overall isn’t that great either. The study found that those people who regularly got more than eight hours of sleep a night were twice as likely as those who don’t to have a stroke.

Here's some ways to fall asleep naturally every night.

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