I don’t quite understand why, but people really seem to want to eat the Minions, the lovable yellow goobers from the Despicable Me franchise. When Minions came out, there were Minions Twinkies, and there have been Minions menus at IHOP too. Now generally I am a big fan of movie food, but this goes beyond my limits. The Minions are sentient beings; why would you want to consume them?!?

I have no answer, but if you are a Minionvore, and you‘ve got enough money to buy a flight to Singapore, I have extremely good news for you: Per Delish, Singapore McDonald’s are offering an entire menu of Despicable Me 3 and Minions-themed food to consume. For example, there’s this Minions ice cream, which I have to assume is made of ground and frozen minion. (Supposedly it tastes like banana.)

Banana Ice Cream with Blue Cone. So cute & yummy!!! 😃 #mcdsg #mcdgoesyellow #minion #bananaicecream #blueicecreamcone

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Next we’ve got these french fried concoctions, which are shaped like Minions, taking Minion cannibalism to an entirely new level. One person on Instagram say “they taste just like smooth, mini hashbrowns (& are cute!!!).” I love eating cute things, like dolphins and baby bear cubs!

And finally, here’s a Minions “banana pie.” They really seem to be implying that Minions flesh tastes like banana.

Bah dah bah bah bahhhhh, Minions taste like bananas.

Again, this menu is only available at McDonald’s in Asia. Otherwise I would be eating it right now. Fingers crossed these migrate to our shores. I really want to know what Minions taste like.

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