If you want to get your Szechuan on on Saturday, October 7, you might have to drive across town to do it.

McDonald's has announced that on October 7, they'll be bringing back their Szechuan sauce at a very limited amount of restaurants. So limited, in fact, that it will only be available at one McDonald's in the greater Grand Rapids area.

According to McD's Szechuan sauce finder, the only location in Grand Rapids that will be offering both the limited-edition sauce posters and the sauce is the one located at 2653 S. Alpine Ave. in Walker.

Food reviewer Daym Drops was able to get his hands on the sauce, and assures us that it's just like we remember it being when it first was released in 1998.

Why is the sauce coming back? Well, according to the Miami News Times, the sauce was mentioned on an episode of Rick and Morty, and that inspired McDonald's to bring it back for a limited time.

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