MDOT released a new video showing some progress and explaining exactly what they’re doing at the I96/I196 interchange, better known as "The Flip".

It’s sometimes a bit hard to understand exactly what’s being done with all this construction, but basically they’re switching the bridges around on how that interchange works and creating a dedicated exit lane for drivers on Eastbound 96, who want to get off at Beltline.

Interestingly he also explains the zipper merge, which we’ve posted about before.  From an MDOT official, they’re expecting us to use this way of merging, which leaves traffic in both lanes right up to the blinking arrow sign that means you need to get over NOW.

Unfortunately, too many of us get all defensive when others try to “cut in” and we shouldn’t because it’s a legal way of merging.  They also remind drivers not to drive down the middle lane trying to keep people in the left lane from passing you as they come to the merge, because that is actually illegal  - to drive down the middle of the road -  and you could get a ticket for “impeding traffic.”

Construction is still expected to be finished up at the end of October, this year.

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