Have you ever tried mead?

Thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man, mead is made by fermenting honey with water, spices, grains or hops, and sometimes fruits.

The ancient Greeks called it Ambrosia and thought it to be a gift from the gods that would prolong life and bestow health, virility and strength.

Which is good news for us Michiganders because Chris Webber, president of the American Mead Makers Association, says that Michigan is epicenter of mead-making!

There are 18 commercial meaderies located in Michigan -- more than any other state!

Who knew?

Mead (along with hard cider) is jumping on the craft brew band wagon. Although mead accounts for only a small portion of alcohol sales, the mead industry has seen a boom in recent years.

I was able to sample some mead from Moonlight Meadery at the 2014 National Homebrewers Conference. It was good, but mead just tends to run too sweet and syrupy for my liking.

If you’re curious about mead, check out the fourth annual Summer Craft Beer Festival at John Ball Park July 19 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

We’ll have several meaderies and cideries on-site, like Acoustic Draft Mead and Sietsema Orchards.