It's never ideal to lose something but to lose something of importance and value is gut-wrenching, and a West Michigan woman is currently experiencing that with her lost engagement ring.

The woman, who works at Meijer in Davison, posted on her Facebook a picture of the ring and the occurrence of events, which occurred Friday, June 16th around 9 p.m. She was working on lane 13 for about 15 minutes when she realized that her ring was no longer on her finger. Since the ring is a little loose on her, she says that it likely fell into a customer's bag while she was bagging groceries.

She's now hoping that any customer who may have been at the Meijer at the time to double check their bags. Or at least get the word out in the Davison/Burton area.

This woman is obviously upset and concerned. In the very least, at least get the story shared in hopes of good news!

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