We're blessed to be within driving distance of some of the greatest beaches in Michigan. So why do we treat them so bad?

On a steamy Memorial Day weekend, tens of thousands of residents sought relief on the shoreline, but they failed to pick up after themselves.

DNR crews cleaning up the Grand Haven State Park Beach said the trash left on the beach was particularly heavy, but not unusual for a holiday weekend.

But some beachgoers were left a little put out by the amount of trash.

“It's more than gross,” Kevin Kampf told WZZM-13 News. “We've been coming here for three years and without a doubt this is the worse day we've seen it. There's literally trash 3-4 feet from us and we don't mind picking it up some. But in that same respect it takes a minute to pick up after yourself.”

Left behind were food items like salsa and guacamole, whole chickens left on the grill and half-filled soft drink containers.

Fines for littering on the State Park beaches can run as high as $2500, just so you know.

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