Don't you know they long to be part of our world? So the Mermaid Festival in South Haven is a must stop for Ariel, I would imagine.

The second annual Mermaid Megafest starts this Friday June 14 and runs through Sunday along the beaches of South Haven. The highlight of the weekend's activities is the gathering of the Mermaids at 2:00pm on Saturday, June 15. And that's not limited to mermaids, Mermen can participate too. (I wonder where I put my tail?)

Nefariouos Pirates and sailors are also welcome. You can also earn official Mermaid certification. (Yup! That's a real thing!)

This year's Mermaid Megafest runs in conjunction with South Haven's Harborfest

According to their Facebook page, Mermaid Megafest is...

...a festival of mermaids and pirates, dedicated to the preservation of our planet’s aquatic ecosystem through public awareness, community education, and social activism.

Here's what happened at last year's Megafest...


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