A Michigan man's Tweet that he quit his Amazon job in the middle of his shift has gone viral.

The Detroit Free Press reports that 22-year-old Derick Lancaster of Warren, Mich. walked off the job Monday, abandoning his delivery truck with packages in it at a Marathon gas station.

He took a Lyft home and later, the van was picked up by Amazon.

You can see Lancaster's original Tweet here-- be warned, there's some expletives. At the time of this writing, it's gotten almost 230K likes and 27K retweets.

The Detroit Free Press says that among Lancaster's greiveances with the company:

"He said he was late getting to his sister's recent graduation party because he was working, and he felt constant pressure to deliver more packages — and to do it faster."

Lancaster later posted a video to Twitter (language warning) talking more about why his job and mental health just wasn't worth $15.50 an hour. He said he'd been up at 9a.m. and getting off at 9p.m., delivering hundreds of packages every day.

While some criticize Lancaster's actions, others support him.

As the Detroit Free Press reports,

Since the pandemic began, Amazon workers nationwide have called out sick in protest and held rallies to raise awareness about what they say are unsafe and harsh working conditions."

In a follow up video, which you can see above, he says that he regrets the way he quit, but not that he quit.

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