For many in Michigan, a pilgrimage to the local Apple Orchard or Cider Mill is an annual tradition as important as watching meaningless Lions football on Thanksgiving. But when is the best time to visit Michigan's Apple Orchards?

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Michigan's Apple Orchards?

Speaking of the Lions, many in Michigan probably think the best time to visit that apple orchard is around week 3 or 4 of the NFL season when you realize it's about to be another year of the 'Same Old Lions', but depending on what type of apples you like, you may want to plan your trip accordingly.

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What Is Michigan's Harvest Season For Apples?

According to the Michigan Apple Commission, you might need to wait for your favorite snack apple or recipe apple to be in Harvest. For example, if you LOVE Michigan's Golden Delicious apples, you'll want to hold off until October for that apple picking trip, as they aren't usually harvested until the end of September.

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Michigan Apple Harvest Guide

Here are the expected 2022 harvest dates for the different types of apples grown on Michigan's nearly 800 family-run farms in the state:

Michigan Apple Committee
Michigan Apple Committee

As always, the local growers in your area can give you the best info on how their harvest is doing, so call ahead or visit them online to get the best and most up-to-date information.

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