I love this story for many reasons, not the least of which is the ability to understand when you've done wrong, and make amends.

A man who went on a drunken political rant in a Paw Paw bar has apologized, setting into motion a fundraiser that has helped the Kalamazoo area YWCA to the tune of close to $7,000 so far.

The story began on Sunday when a man lashed out at bartender Sara Austin at the North 40 bar in Paw Paw. After raging about some political stuff, he then added he was going to kill the bouncers leading him out of the bar.

Sara captured it all on video, and it would have been just another mask rage video online, except it took a turn for the better.

The man, identified as Bob Luyendyk, woke up the next morning, realized what a drunken ass he'd been the day before and wrote Sara a note apologizing for his behavior, and giving her $100 for her troubles.

Instead of pocketing the cash, Austin used the money to seed a fundraising campaign for the YWCA. She set a goal of $10,000 and is darn close to hitting that total.

“There are people everywhere and going through this kind of behavior while they’re working and it’s not fair,” Austin told WOOD-TV 8. “You’re in my office now and you’re going to come to my office and treat me that way — it’s horrifying.”

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