The University of Michigan Wolverines baseball team stands one win from the National Championship Series. And the reason may be Kenny Chesney's music.

How do you explain a team that was on the ropes just a few weeks ago, and is now in contention for college baseball's championship?

Kenny Chesney.

The Cinderella Michigan Wolverines say Kenny has been their non-stop musical companion since the winning began a few weeks back.

"At practice Kenny's on, on the bus Kenny's on, in the airplane Kenny's on, and when we're chillin' Kenny's on," Outfielder Jordan Brewer explained to ESPN recently.

It all started when the team took in a Chesney show in Nebraska at the height of string of bad games. The team-building trip to Pinnacle Arena for the show happened to be the elixir for a new look on things.

"It was stress-free after that," Brewer told ESPN "We washed everything away. It was like a mental flush."

They threw on some Chesney when they traveled to the Big Ten tournament, and he's been on their playlists ever since. Almost exclusively. The team also admits that two techno songs have been in their rotation.

Including one techno beat drop which repeats the words 'I'm Losin' It!' over and over.

Chesney and techno. Whatever works, guys, the whole state is pulling for you.

Michigan won 2-0 over Florida State Monday. Their next game will be Friday against the winner of tomorrow's Texas Tech-Florida State loser's bracket game.

The team needs only to win one of their next two games to advance to the NCAA Championship series.




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