Michigan is well known for its 10 cent bottle return rates.  In fact, Michigan has the highest recycling rate of cans and plastic bottles in the nation.  We recycle 97% of our cans and plastic bottles which is amazing compared to the rest of the nation which only has a return rate of about 33%.

But all of a sudden we got this guy, Michigan State Rep. Joe Bellino, of Monroe, who wants to repeal our bottle deposit law.  What the heck, dude!?

“The bottle bill pulls the two most valuable materials – aluminum and PET plastic – away from community-based recycling systems,” Bellino said. “Rerouting these materials into local recycling programs would provide the boost recyclers need to sustain their programs and expand access to even more communities.” - WXYZ Detroit

OK, Mr. Representative, we don't like your proposed legislation.  We love our bottle returns.  How will college kids passively collect beer money?  How will homeless scrounge together money to eat?  What will band kids collect when going door to door to raise money for band?

The proposed bill is going to committee and if approved, might be voted on sometime late this year or early next.

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