Michigan bred country star Billy Strings earned two standing ovations performing at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville this weekend, but seven years ago he was just a kid with his guitar at a party in Ionia.

Billy Strings kicked off his 2019 tour by winning over country purists at the Grand Old Opry Saturday night, but back in 2012, he won over a house party by laying down some stuff that you would never imagine could come out of a then buttoned down 20 year old.

Check out this video as Billy is wooed into playing an original song called 'Dust In A Baggie'. Amazing. And you gotta love the dude in cargo shorts dancing in the background.

Billy is blowing up big time, here's an article from Rolling Stone magazine about his new found success.

(WARNING: Someone blurts out the F-word before he starts playing. It is, after all, a party)