As a kid, going for a ride in the dryer sounds like fun. As a daycare provider, allowing a kid to be tossed in a dryer is a huge no-no.

A Garden City daycare provider has lost their license after one of the children in their care was tossed inside a clothes dryer, according to the Michigan Department of Licensing web site.

The incident occured back in April when one girl under the care of the provider put another girl into the clothes dryer and turned it on. According to FOX 2 News, the girl who was put in the dryer complained to her mother that it was "hot, and it was dark and hurt my back."

Strangely enough, it was the girl who was the aggressor in the incident who was eventually taken to the hospital for care after she tod the day care provider she was "stressed out" because of it.

Kathleen Mayhew-Radeback was the name on the license for the day care facility, which she ran out of her home on Marquette Street in Garden City, according to the Licensing.

The juvenile told a social worker she put the other child in the dryer, but it was not determined why the action was taken. Both the children's ages were redacted from the State documents.

Mayhew-Radeback rescued the child from the dryer and knew what happened, but never told the child's mother what had happened, and then when questioned by investigators, she denied it had ever happened.

The down side of this incident is several parents will be scrambling for new daycare providers in a market where it's already pretty tight following the pandemic.

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