Are they trying to bait bears or humans? Cuz they might catch both LOL

According to, the DNR is conducting two wildlife surveys this month and one of them is the "bear hair snare survey."

...257 baited locations will be visited six times starting the week of May 27, with the goal of finding snagged bear hair.

The point of the survey is to take the DNA sample, analyze it and determine future bear populations in the state.

But it's how resource officers plan on baiting the bear, in some of those locations, that's kind of humorous... 900 pounds of bacon and a bunch of doughnuts! A bacon and doughnut party... who wouldn't be baited by that?! The idea is that in order to get to the the deliciousness, the bear will have to cross a barbed wire, leaving snagged hair behind.

The wildlife surveys help the state on how to manage and conserve the wildlife population.

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