A doctor from St. Joseph is among a group in Ukraine to help civilians injured in the conflict.

Dr. Sherell O'Donnell Wondered If There Was A Way To Aid Ukrainians

When Russia invaded Ukraine last month, Dr. O’Donnell of St Joseph, wanted to do something to help.

She weighed her options, ultimately deciding the best way to respond was to personally go to Ukraine. At the same time, colleagues of hers from across the country were also looking to lend their expertise to the cause.

“But the more that I've seen and hear," O'Donnell told ABC 57 News in St. Joe, "I realize that the civilians are just being attacked and fleeing by the millions, and started thinking are we supposed to go. Usually when that happens I respond 1 of 3 ways: I send supplies, I go myself, or I just pray and sometimes it’s a combination of all those and I just felt the urgency and the need to go.”

O'Donnell Teaming Up With Other Medical Personnel From Around The Country

O’Donnell was able to contact seven other doctors who felt the same desire to help that she did. Not only are they from Michigan, but doctors from Atlanta, Oklahoma, and Louisiana joined forces to navigate the difficult process of getting approval to travel to the frontlines of the battle against the Russian invasion to help with medical care. Then last Thursday they finally got the green light and booked a flight to Ukraine.

The Docs Are On The Ground Now And Helping

The doctors arrived Tuesday in Ukraine with more than $10-thousand of medicine and hygiene kits donated and collected by a team of volunteers. This trip will only be one week, but O’Donnell says they’ll get right to work creating a base and clinic so future teams will be able to pick up where they leave off when they return.

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